You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers:


1. When is the class held? Every third saturday of each month.

2. Where is the class held? Goodwill Industries, 800 West Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90805.

3. What time do I arrive for the class? 8:30am

4. What time is the class over? 3pm

5. What do I need for the class? Any Photo Identification, lunch is optional and a positive attitude is mandatory!

6. What is the class about? At Forward Progress, we understand the benefits of Dynamic Instruction Techniques.  Different people learn in different ways.  Varying instruction methods keep the students engaged and result in deeper levels of retention.  Moreover, multi-dimensional classrooms demand participation and emotional commitment to the course material. Our course focuses on self control, stress and goal setting. We require student participation.

7. How do I enroll? Online, or by email: cdilsdale@forwardprogressclass.com

8. What if I cant afford to pay for the class? We offer payment plans for those who are unable to pay the full amount at once. Take into consideration that the total amount of the fee must be paid before completing the course.

We offer up to 4 waivers per class. Please contact the Long beach Prosecutors office for full fee waiver application.

9. What’s PATH? We are not affiliated with the PATH program. We do allow you to enroll for the PATH program when you take our class. We simply forward your enrollment to PATH, and they follow up with you. Were have no other knowledge or information about the PATH program.

10. What if english is not my first language? What if I need a translator? We offer our instructions in English and Spanish. If you speak a different language you are welcomed to bring a translator to class with you.

If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to email our program assistant Christina Dilsdale.

Email: cdilsdale@forwardprogressclass.com

Website: www.ForwardProgressClass.com

sample-goodwill-long-beach4Classroom Location

All Forward Progress ARC Classes are offered at The Goodwill Building.

Address of Class:
800 W. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, California 90806.

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