Student Testimonials

Student: Ewan

The instructors were personable, informative and relaxed.

Student: Adrienne

I learned a lot! Pleasant surprise that I liked the class so much!

Student: Katie

Made something I really was not looking forward to actually fun! Thank you. Very beneficial!

Student: Anthony

Great course, not a usual class. Instructors were super informative and helpful.

Student: Candie

Extremely helpful, very insightful, all three instructors were very open, sincere and interesting.

Student: Dion

I thought it was going to be boring. I only had one hour of sleep and the instructors kept me awake by not making things boring and kept everything interesting. Also I love how we can all relate and the instructors never showed a single judgment but all were so helpful.! Thank you very much, I’m leaving a changed person.

Student: Kayah

The class was better than expected and should be taught in schools!

Student: Wendi

Very instructive instructors! Knowledgable and friendly. Time was used efficiently and good break up between video and lecture.

Student: Brian

This is a good program option.

Student: Eena

I honestly really enjoyed this class! Good job, good energy, you all really seem to care!