Class Registration

Welcome to the Forward Progress Training and Development Class Registration Page. We look forward to working with you to develop the skills required to move forward as a productive, law-abiding citizen.  Classes are currently offered on Saturdays on a monthly basis.

Class Location

All Forward Progress Classes are offered at the Goodwill building, located at 800 W. Pacific Coast Highway Long Beach, California 90806.

Who is Eligible?

Any person who is alleged to have committed a misdemeanor offense, whether criminal or traffic related, is eligible to attend a Forward Progress Training and Development course.  The course could be used as a condition of pre-conviction diversion, or as a condition of summary probation after conviction.

Any pre-conviction diversion program must be established under the discretion of the Court or the prosecution in compliance with the laws of the State of California and pursuant to the policies of the Court or prosecutorial agency.  Under any pre-conviction diversion program, it is preferred that referrals be first time misdemeanor offenders with no prior criminal record.  Exceptions may be made in strict compliance to the policies of the Court or those diversion policies implemented by the prosecution agency.

Any defendant who is convicted of a misdemeanor offense and placed on summary probation is eligible to attend the Forward Progress Training & Development course.  Completion of the course may be included as a condition of probation.  In these cases, the Court should order the course as a condition of probation and set a six month completion date.

First time misdemeanor offenders who are placed on summary probation pursuant to a negotiated plea agreement should be referred to the rehabilitation course in addition to the standard conditions.  Repeat offenders who enter into negotiation dispositions should be referred to the rehabilitation program in addition to other terms of probation or as an alternative to minimal jail sentences that are not required by California Law.

Felony offenders are not eligible for the course.  Only upon special order of the Court at the request of the prosecution and counsel of the defense will a felony offender be admitted to the training course.  Such an order should only be made in those circumstances involving minor felonies when a reduction to a misdemeanor is a result contemplated by all parties.


The Anti-Recidivism Course 1 (“ARC-1”) is a six hour course designed to teach students various skills in order to avoid recidivism. There are six segments to the course: 1) Introduction & Course Objectives, 2) Consequences of Crime and Personal Accountability, 3) Self Control and Stress Managements, 4) Brain Research and Goal Setting, 5) Focus Group Presentations, and 6) Evaluations.  The ARC-1 Course is currently offered on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Arrival time is 8:30 AM.

The cost for the ARC-1 course is $225

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The Anti-Recidivism Course 1 (“ARC-2”) is a twelve hour course designed to teach students various skills in order to avoid recidivism.  The 12-hour course is taught over two days.

The cost for the ARC-2 course is $425

In order to register for the ARC-2 class please call us at (562) 676-4303. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please Note: Payment Plans Available – If you are unable to complete the entire course payment in one lump sum, please email us at to learn about the options that are available to you.